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membership secretary, Steve Smith,. The demographic of the ownership meant that a lot of cars moved quickly through the normal vehicle lifecycle, and by the early 1980s a

good quantity of them had been scrapped, as it was not economically viable to repair or keep them roadworthy. The two-door hatchback body style was gone, resulting in the demise of the. A larger oval for the Escort's grille opening and revised taillights freshened the Escort's look for 1993. In addition to this, each model has a dedicated registrar who is able to offer advice and help to members who are considering purchasing a car, or who already have one. Visually then it doesnt take much to make a standard Escort 1100L look, to the uninitiated, like any model from the AVO range, and over the years quite a few AVO cars have been re-born under dubious circumstances, especially as prices have increased. In 2015, the classic Ford insurance value of a good original Mexico is now over 20,000. Ford simplified the Escort lineup for 1987, which now consisted of Pony, GL and GT models. Each June the club holds its annual national day at Hatton World in Warwickshire, which is an opportunity to see some of the best AVO cars in the country, as well as stock up on parts from the numerous specialist traders who attend. And the LTS received a sportier look via a rear spoiler.

Leaving a choice of two sedans base and LX versions and an LX wagon. Offering buyers the choice of any LX model. Helping to slow down the new GT were standard fourwheel disc ford escort leaves brakes.

Escort Mk1 Mk2 Billet CNC Machined Rear Leaf Spring Lowering Blocks 1/2 Thic.Ford Escort Mk2 2 Rear Leaf Spring Lowering Block Kit.

8liter mill courtesy of Mazda that kicked out 127 horsepower. And also attends numerous other shows including the NEC. And in early 1975 the carousel that the cars were built on was switched off and AVO became putas a part. A fourspeed manual transmission was standard, s Tracer LTS, in an effort to improve performance. AVO was also responsible for finishing Escort 1300Es.

Carburetors were history, as all Escorts now had fuel injection.The club still also runs its own spares operation, and is able to offer its members a good range of parts for their cars at very competitive rates.In essence, the base models were now called LX and the former LX was renamed the.

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A valuation service is also provided by the registrars, which helps many members with their insurance requirements.The purpose of Advanced Vehicle Operations, or AVO as it is normally referred to, was to provide a dedicated facility for the production of Fords high performance road production cars, which at the time were mostly centred around the Escort.Though the wheelbase remained.4 inches, overall length increased by nearly 4 inches (to 174.7 for the sedan and 172.7 for the wagon).