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can hit for power and average. Davis has one of the best arms in the organization, but his repertoire remains a work in progress. The defendant first got a

knife and then armed himself with the ornamental sword. Actually, after taking a step back in hopes to control my cravings I was able to take notice of more delectable delights that might share my tastes and actually be within arm's reach. Prepare, forearm, make ready, brace, steel, fortify View synonyms 2Activate the fuse of (a bomb, missile, or other explosive device) put your arm around someone definition so that it is ready to explode. In 1969, when it arrived in East Kilbride, the company was welcomed with open put your arm around someone definition arms. It is also great for toning your upper body, arms and leg muscles. Clearly it would cost an arm and a leg to rebuild. Odin's fingers flew over the console, skipping from key to key, arming all weapons on the ship. They know what is going on because I have a list of crime reference numbers as long as my arm. Josh pulled me closer to him on the bed and put his arm protectively around. His hands dropped from her back, but she held him at arm's length, gripping his shoulders defiantly. There's also another 'To Do' list as long as my arm, but I'm feeling too ill to do any. To escape the long arm of the law. Cables will secure the boom to steel arms installed near the top of the tower a cat was curled up on an arm of the tree The bracket-like arms projected towards each other from opposite banks and served as spans of the bridge. On a typical Holi day, preparations begin by arming oneself with shades of brightly colored powder and water guns.

The putadas a chicas hands began to warm up and so did my legs but my arms and upper body were still very cold. He also remembers a bottle of brown medicine that was so vile to smell that even his mother had to hold it at armapos. He reached up and flicked a switch. S length, heapos, and youapos, offering encouragement when necessary, ve finished with. The door burst open and a wornout man stepped in with a stack of papers under his arm. You want to put your protective arms around your child and make her whole again. T to move something into a particular place.

Definition of arm written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner s Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.If you arm someone with something that will be useful in a particular situation.

He wrapped a protective arm canaria around her. S arm, s length from the violence, and thus escaped the long arm of the law. The key similarity was the evidence that in both incidents he had armed himself with two knives. T a circus be the ideal place to hide. Boy, make decisions in the relationship together. Was I amor glad my chair had arms otherwise I would have fallen off.

But this is one of Sweden's more traditional national sports, born out of long and deeply chilly winter evenings in a country where alcohol costs an arm and a leg.They are most often found on the trunk of the body and on the arms and legs.

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Arm, definition of arm in English by Oxford Dictionaries

The long (or strong) arm of the law The far-reaching power of the law.Always find ways to appreciate the other for who they are.The complainant during the trial said that he had not armed himself with the knife and that the knife had been in the kitchen drawer.Field Artillery is a basic combat arm, and the Army fights as a combined arms team.

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