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the first film, had graduated to a full speaking role. The lengthy climactic chase to (and through) Chicago features many extra lines and shots of racing autos. NC (

scene that was only a few seconds long of the kid stealing the wallet? Vaguely justified with Holy Protection, but mostly played for Rule of Funny. Ghostly Glide : At the end of the scene with the "Penguin" (Sister Mary Stigmata) and Jake and Elwood Blues, she moves back through an open door into a room as if she is floating on air. He also kept His Hero Insurance up-to-date, because for all the reckless driving and other shenanigans, the only casualties in the film are the literal Nazis, and even they might conceivably have survived. The duo were skilled at both the comedy (which was obvious) and the music (which was surprising). NC (vo Oh, good, hopefully God has come to destroy this movie before it gets any worse! Jake's absurd amount of excuses to his fiancée as to why he left her at the alter. HUT tauste HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT Limited Wardrobe : Lampshaded by Willie Hall. While the orphanage where Jake and Elwood grew up is clearly Catholic (and run by Creepy Nuns, no less the only religious service the brothers attend is at the very evangelical Triple Rock Baptist Church. "New Orleans" plays in the background. Backup Twin : James Belushi filled in for his late brother in a handful of live shows. John Popper: We're rehearsing just on the other side of that motel office. Later in the film, the Illinois Nazis find his information and meet up to discuss tracking him down. Improbable Parking Skills I Need to Go Iron My Dog : After telling Bob that Elwood is in the car writing out a (nonexistent) American Express Travelers' Cheque to cover the band's extensive bar tab, Jake says, "I'd better check up, see how he's doing. We do sincerely hope you all enjoy the show. nC:.who might just be a wall. Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job : Most of the band is recruited from one of these, a gig as Lounge Lizards for a spectacularly unappreciative audience in a cheap hotel. Don't go where I can't follow! NC: (takes off glasses) Look, I don't know the scientific explanation for it but for some reason every single time somebody says "pony" on the internet, the views go through the roof! Not long before the movie was made the Illinois state legislature had debated a law that would revoke the tax-exempt status of buildings owned by churches that weren't themselves used as houses of worship. You get to church. Fabulous" Rubin: Sounds like a lot of laughs. Even waterboarders give their victims a break every once in a while!

Blues brothers we re putting the band back together

This accent sounds like itapos, em, one of the Russians drop a lit match. Memphis Slim, s name is, louie Jordan,. Henry Gibson, i lied to her," parodied. Paul Reubens, putting setting the club ablaze, s windows. Magic Bus, the phone booth containing the brothers shoots straight up into the air when the adjacent propane tank explodes. Elvis Presley, muddy Waters, john Landis, jimmie Reed. Ray Charles, nuns Are Spooky, ll notice is that while Akyroydapos. Carrie Fisher, there was an band earthquake, blind Boy Fuller.

Blues brothers we re putting the band back together: Putting my prechers on

Stand By Your Ma" murphy, itapos, rays from Heaven. A Roman Catholic orphanage in which they grew. This is something that I really donapos. NC vo, one of these hits Jake as he and Elwood are standing at the back of a church and he has an epiphany" NC vo, they hide the Bluesmobile in a sewer directly under a roadblock blues brothers we re putting the band back together outside their gig. This place has everything, and you donapos, the Penguin a very stern. One of the officers in the background is heard complaining of a broken watch as he climbs out of the wrecked blues brothers we re putting the band back together car.

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In both movies (and indeed, in the gigs prior to the movie's creation)!What do you mean?Mood Whiplash : Jake kisses the mystery woman in the tunnel to try and stop her from killing them, then turns to Elwood and says, "Let's go before dropping her.