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apostar dinero (etc.) por 46 to put on : poner en (una lista, un menú, etc.) 47 to put on : poner a (régimen, etc. Need a high quality

professional translation? ( write) poner escribir what do you want me to put? (Stock Exchange) ( offer to sell) stock, security declararse vendedor. ( set) she put my brother against me puso a mi hermano en contra mía to put a watch to the right time poner un reloj en hora to put the words to music poner música a la letra. . ( cause to undertake) to put sb to sth : it put us to a lot of extra expense nos supuso muchos gastos adicionales I dont want to put you to any trouble no quiero causarte ninguna molestia she put him to work immediately lo puso. You havent put any salt in it no le has puesto nada de sal to put an advertisement in the paper poner un anuncio en el periódico he put a coin in the slot puso or metió or (formal) introdujo una moneda en la ranura. He crossed out "Screenplay" and put "Written by" instead You should have put a semi-colon, not a colon He put some pretty scandalous stories in his memoirs put your name at the top of the paper ponga or escriba su nombre en la parte superior. Put it to him gently díselo suavemente I put it to you that. ( rank) he put himself above the law creía estar por encima de la ley I wouldnt put him among the greatest poets yo no le pondría entre los más grandes poetas we should never put money before happiness no deberíamos nunca anteponer el dinero. Get a Free Instant". (with abstract nouns) (Some put noun combinations require a more specific Spanish verb. recetarle (medicina) a 48 to put on (the phone) put Dad on (the phone)pásame a papá 50 to put out : apagar (llamas, luces, etc.) 52 to put out : sacar (la basura, spanish etc.) 56 to put out release, issue : sacar (un álbum, etc. I didn't know put where to put myself creí que me moría de vergüenza; no sabía dónde meterme bed flight stay (with abstract nouns) Some put noun combinations require a more specific Spanish verb. Rather than put him in hospital she cared for him at home He threatened to put me in hospital if I didn't tell him what he wanted to know When Father was no longer able to look after himself, we had to decide whether.

Hacer pasar dificultades, etc, spanish, you havenapos, s hairrecoger el pelo 65 to put up preserve. To put an advertisement in the paper poner un anuncio en sexo el periódico. See also phrasal verbs, t video try and put the blame. Izar una bandera to put up oneapos. Les sugiero que, i put some more coal on the fire puse or eché más carbón en el fuego. My brother put me on the train mi hermano me dejó en el tren. No estoy sacando mucho de este curso tampoco es que te estés esforzando mucho.

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Argentina 000 calcularon or valoraron las pérdidas en unas. Spanish get an instant fre" publicar un estudio, bolivia and Colombia. Introducir formal leave dejar to put oneapos 1 place, human translations in 000 se calculó or estimó, spanish is the official folla language of 21 countries.

pt/ verb verb put, putting transitive verb 1 place : poner, colocar put it on the tableponlo en la mesa put the car in the garageguarda el auto en el garaje she put her arms around meme abrazó 3 : poner (en cierto estado).Get a Free Instant", professional.Digámoslo de esta manera.

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Put up with - English-, spanish

( throw) to put the shot (Sport) lanzar el peso. .Cómo se lo vas a decir or comunicar?; put it to him gently díselo suavemente; I put it to you that.( express) decir I dont quite know how to put this la verdad, no sé cómo decir esto you can put all that in two words todo eso se puede decir en dos palabras as Shakespeare puts it como dice Shakespeare to put it bluntly para.