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sew or pin your embellishment in place. Then, create the tutu by making knots with the tulle around the ribbon instead of around elastic. Loop the midpoint of the

ribbon onto the elastic just like you did with the tulle. It is easy to make and inexpensive, which is a bonus too! Making a circle with the elastic, press both ends together firmly until set. 11 5 Repeat this all the way around the elastic. I have no shame. Once you've chosen the length you want (cut a few inches less than their waist size sew the elastic ends together to form a loop of elastic. Trim the ends of your tulle sausage so that it is even. If you're looking for more toddler activities then you might enjoy these other projects on our site: Handmade Hair Clips Magnetic Fishing Game Free Applique Patterns Comments Have your say about what you just read! 16 For example, if the tutu will be part of a ladybug costume, then make the tutu in red and black. Because I prd that race! How to make a tutu longer/shorter for other age ranges. It is helpful to have your elastic stabilized on a mannequin or object while you work. Learn how to make a tutu the easy way using a loop of elastic and strips of tulle. You can make it his favorite color, or ask him how he would like it to be decorated. Once you've learned how to make a tutu you'll find that it is a go-to gift when you need a toddler or new baby gift in a rush!

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Or that I am embarrassed by him. Team In Training with Team Shrinking Jeans last year. Eventually other kids will notice and the teasing is inevitable. I like the tulle that comes with a bit of a shimmer rather than in matte as I think it looks so pretty and little girls love the extra how to put a boys tutu sparkle. Measuring tape or ruler, a brooch, t it just so fluffy and fabulous. She has also asked that I use initials in the place of full names.

I just want to give you a figure so you know approximately how much to buy. Theyre surprisingly easy to run. But you can always cut it to your desired length and keep the extra elastic for another project diluvio in the future. Adding an embellishment is another fun way to customize a tutu. T going to come in that exact length. Too 10 Use your finger to keep track of the area under the folds and to prevent the tulle pieces from slipping or coming apart.

Measure the tulle and elastic exactly as stated above.Now cut sections of tulle that are approximately.5 cm (3 inches) wide.To fasten, take the two ends of elastic and tie together for a pull-up tutu OR tie a pretty piece of ribbon around each end of the elastic and tie it together in the back.

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Make sure that the edges are all lined up and insert one finger through the folded end of the strips.Insert all of the ends through the loop that has been created by the folded ends of the strips.You'll need to buy a roll of at least 19 meters total length (or.5 yards which will give you the right amount of tulle.

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