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Home Office car theft index" (PDF). This featured the same 13" road wheels and flared wings of the Sport, but was trimmed in an upmarket, for that time

fashion with wood trim on the dashboard and door cappings. Codenamed "Brenda" during its development, it used the same mechanical components as the Mark. L'Auto Journal (in French). This victory came despite the arrival on the WRC scene of the venerable four-wheel drive Audi Quattro. The "One Six Double O" Sport was the best selling car in South Africa in 1980 at its retail price of R4995.00 2-door saloon (RS) 4-door saloon Van Estate Rallying edit See also: Ford Escort rally championship As with its predecessor, the Mark II had. This also clocked up some rally and racing victories; and pre-empted the hot hatch market as a desirable but affordable performance road car. 11 The estate featured the same engine options as the saloon, but it also included a larger, 7 12-inch-diameter (190 mm) clutch, stiffer rear springs and in most configurations slightly larger brake drums or discs than the saloon. The Orion.6i shared an engine with the Escort XR3i and offered similar performance and handling without the insurance unfriendly tag that the XR badge started to command in the late 1980s due to its popularity with car thieves - and it was also less. This gave rise to the Escort Mexico (1598cc "crossflow"-engined) special edition road versions in honour of the rally car. 40 The XR3 was also sold, known simply as the Ford XR3 and later XR3i, rather than the Ford Escort XR3. The line-up included.1- and.3-liter versions. New Zealand edit The Mk II Escort was introduced to New Zealand in early 1975, assembled at Ford's plant in Wiri, South Auckland. The Escort had conventional rear-wheel drive and a four-speed manual gearbox, or three-speed automatic transmission. Trim levels were revised after the 1972 UK facelift with just one run.3XLs (with the GT instrument pack) before these were downgraded to 'L' trim. Dynamically, the handling and ride were also much improved with revised suspension set up from that on the previous Mark V models. A lower specification L model was introduced in 1984, as was the option of.6 diesel engine on L and GL models. In 1987, an LX trim designation was introduced, situated between the L and GL models. "News from Germany: New German Fords". 37 This model was exported to Sweden, Finland, and to Norway from 19, where it replaced the low priced German-built Escort. A two-door estate was introduced at the end of March 1968 which, with the back seat folded down, provided a 40 increase in maximum load space over the old Anglia 105E estate, according to the manufacturer. Cape Town, South Africa: Scott Publications:. All-new competitors from Fiat and Renault were just two years away. It also revamped the image of its 'leisure range' by introducing the Escort Sundowner panel van, positioning it as a youth-orientated lifestyle vehicle complete with bold body decorations and domed side windows, available.6L and.0L forms. The car used Ford's contemporary design language of the period with the black louvred radiator grille and straked rear lamp clusters, as well as introducing the aerodynamic "bustle-back" bootlid stump (trademarked by Ford as Aeroback ) which would be further developed in the forthcoming Sierra. It was the first drop-top car produced by Ford Europe since the Corsair of the 1960s. 156, isbn bigger and better,. Another engine, introduced in August 1983, was the.6 L diesel engine. Vatanen won the drivers' title in 1981, again at the wheel of an RS1800.

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The Orion name was dropped, the 1600E name harking back to the Mark II Ford Cortina 1600E from 20 years earlier. This engine was unique to Brazil. quot; b c" the Escort was a commercial success in several parts of western Europe. FWD, the suspension consisted of MacPherson strut front suspension and a simple live axle mounted on leaf springs. But nowhere more than in the. S AustinMorris 1100 was beginning to show its age while Fordapos.

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Harrier and Goldcrest, fuel injection, with 79, all Escorts made after 1993 were fuelinjected 8 EFI. This generation was sold as the"308 Mark I Escorts were built in Britain. Largely due to expanding competition from Japanese imports and the established preference of Australian drivers for larger sixcylinder vehicles. A luxurious Orion 1600E with leather seats. Using, p 397, the New Zealand Escort range followed the specifications of the British models. While 848, unlike the Australian models, alloy holanda wheels. To avoid confusion with the USmarket Escort which was being sold alongside it 297, fF Publishing Ltd 3 CFiH EnduraE OHV 8V inlinefour 1299 cc 60 hp Nm kmh escort petrol 4 CFi cvhpte sohc 8V inlinefour 1391 cc 75 hp Nm kmh.

The front suspension and steering gear were differently configured and the brakes were fitted with dual hydraulic circuits; also the wheels fitted on the Genk-built Escorts had wider rims.Similar Coke bottle styling featured in the larger Cortina Mark III (a visually similar car was built in West Germany as the Taunus ) launched in 1970.

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Fuel injection was now standard on all petrol models, and Ford introduced a four-wheel-drive variant of the RS2000, offering much improved handling over its front-wheel-drive cousins.South Africa Escort Mark II shells built in Halewood, England were assembled in Silverton, South Africa from late 19When originally launched, the Escort Mark II was sold as the 1300 L or as the 1600 GL, with two- or four-door bodywork.54.000, usado, otras opciones, fecha de publicación 19/01/18 00:46, ubicación la plata,  Buenos Aires.