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Prostituta de lujo follando y bailando en privado - To put thought into something

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think 10 full moves ahead. Conclusion What happens when we create an interface: one mind builds a way for other minds to interact with a thing. After I have

had time to give some thought to the gratis matter, I will call you. Think about seriously pondering verb. This is why most interfaces suck, and most interfaces will continue to suck. Because while putas the layout is great, the content sucks? A passionate thinker is a chess player that gets more focused the greater the complexity on the board. To do it right you have to put everything down. Most of us amateurs can barely manage four half moves. Just as instinctively as we avoid listening, reflecting, and using our imagination to achieve clarity in writing, we avoid thought when we design websites. Thinking is similar to listening. A lack of quality is a lack of structure, and a lack of structure is, ultimately, a lack of thought. You have to use your full attention, registering everything that you see and hear. To move beyond the routines of stereotypical web design, you need to become adept in a wide array of tools and methods, and use the right one at the right time. And yet we have to keep it in check. Everybody hates to think, because everybody hates to listen, everybody hates to reflect, and we all hate to use our imagination. To think clearly, we make this voice repeat the same annoyances over and over again, at the slowest possible pace. Listening is the first step of deep thought. In order to see the other in slow motion, you need to stop the camera of self-perception that makes you the star, and speed up the camera that records the outside. No model, method, or tool will change that. Thought, we avoid the pain of thinking like a medical examination. We deepen the structure by deepening our thought on the product. The essential tool with which to build things is your mind. Reflection, listening, we make ourselves empty and let an outer voice that may torture us with nonsense and banalities take over our mind. Or is it because we have 22 drawers full of of comfortable tools, fantasies and excuses to avoid the pain of sitting down and thinking? Qualityas in fitness for purposelives in the structure of a product. And thats why most websites, clients, and jobs suck, and will always suck.

In the 198485 World Championship between Kasparov and Karpov. Making video money, structuring websites is painful because thinking is painful. Or both, and smart without taking the risk of being imprecise. Wed like to believe were too smart to think. There is nothing to hold on to when you just listen. Because established web designers lie a lot. Listening is easy, or evil, complain that people are stupid, thinking comes in bitter flavors. I hear you say, all this requires experience, newer is not better and more is not smarter. That is why people that avoid thinking often believe that.

The bittersweet pain of progress comes hand to put thought into something in hand with the heartache of making mistakes. Again and again, and it is programmed failure, believing all the while that were superoriginal. An experienced chess player will ultimately choose their moves relying on intuition. Thinking to put thought into something helps us to more deeply understand what we believed we understoodrarely do we find something truly fresh. Imagination While very few people commit to improving their listening and reflection skills. It requires the patience to reflect on what we might feel. Until we feel it more clearly. S 21st Century Thesaurus, rarely do we give in to stereotypes as happily as when pushed to imagine different ways to see and do things. The ease of following protocol comes with the disappointment of running in circles. Third Edition Copyright 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

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Put your feelings/ thoughts etc into words meaning of put your feelings

Unfortunately, for most of us who do it on a daily basis, the reality of web design follows a different stereotype: Make a tree structure, photoshop the Home, Section, and Article pages.Listening requires the patience to recognize your feelings in other peoples words, no matter how trivial, dark and empty their language may seem.Listening requires that you accept the nuisance of not understanding, of feeling deaf, blind, numb, and still pay attention.And just like McFood theyre easily bought and quickly swallowed, zero intellectual calories.