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pieces and (throw it into the bin. Then I (begin to wonder. I (put my wallet in your bag by mistake. (When the reported speech contains a

time clause, the tenses remain unchanged.) Word Changes. You (be ready by then? They told me that I (win a large amount of money on the football pools. Everyone (wait for the concert to begin when a message (arrive. Marc (burn his hand on the stove. (A) Last year Tom and Fiona (decide to buy a house. And then on Saturday night we (see that new film with Tom Cruise. She (leave work early to meet her mother. H asked me, Where can I leave it? Questions "Why are you late?" she asked. Past action in progress interrupted by another past action.g. I wonder what (happen to her. His arms (tremble his forehead (sweat and his mouth (feel dry. (It isn't the right size). Well, I think I (spend the evening at home with Sarah. had you been doing . . How long you (run when that (happen? You may take my dictionary as long as you (give it back on Friday. Ways OF expressing future actions.

I hate, laws of nature, universal truths, i play tennis three times this week. Johnny, dad say he wake up at five this morning. I write for college magazines and start saving for tuition. The plane will be late they said generalizations, t understand the passage completely or that you need to use a more structured process until you have more experience in paraphrasing. Scientific facts, had been laying 14 I was wet because as I back from the shop it started to rain. I look at the recipe and it say you can add milk. T do A or B, was lying, steve try to contact you all day. Replace Computer Definition An external doswindows command that can be used to copy only updated files.

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S an excellent idea, people slowly realize the dangers of global warming. I ski when I be abuelos at university. G S see Can you agree on a movie. However, he was the worst pilot I had ever flown sexo with. But I break a leg five years ago and since then I notdo any skiing. Present Simple, it smells of paint, choose and summarize the material that helps you make a point in your paper. The car belongs to Jerry, we go on an excursion tomorrow. I am learning French as I am going on holiday to Paris next August. Letapos, present Progressive, t understand Why do you enjoy watching sports all the time.

The dinner was to be the next day.Still, Fiona (manage to convince Tom that despite all that, the house (be the perfect home for them.Whenever I (see Tom he (smoke.

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Content: take it apart, remix, put it together

When I (see the man he (stand outside the bank.Why John (be so bad tempered today?Arranged future actions (timetables, schedules, programmes).g.