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By VoooDooLiuVaR on Aug 09, 2018

mechanisms of the Convention can prevent the re-emergence of chemical weapons and enhance the trust and confidence which forms the basis for our shared commitment to a world

free of chemical weapons. The European Union is pleased to participate in the first preparatory meeting of the 23rd Economic and Environmental Forum, and would like to thank the Serbian Chairmanship and the osce Coordinator of Economic and Environmental Activities and his staff for organising this meeting. Mr Foreign Minister, your country has been in our minds in the recent weeks. We believe that in such circumstances fully respecting, both in letter and in spirit, the existing osce commitments in the politico-military area remains a priority task to be pursued. S publiques de certains Etats participants dans la lutte contre les actes dintol? We recall that any attempts to gain territorial advantages will be a clear breach of the Minsk agreements and seriously undermine all efforts promoting a sustainable political solution. Our commitment in support of Lebanon is firm and lasting. As far as financial implications are concerned, the document notes that it has none. The SMM should be provided without further delay with the requested baseline information and access that would pave the way for effective and independent fulfilment of its monitoring and verification tasks in accordance with the Minsk agreements. Through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, the EU supports lgbti human rights defenders across the world." The report of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on the "State of democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe" mentions. We therefore welcome the intention of the Office to strengthen the focus on analysing what works for youth employment in the five policy areas covered by the call for action. We need to systematically tailor humanitarian responses so that they address the specific needs faced by women and girls during armed conflict. Mr Chairman, we are concerned by the fact that the SMM is experiencing increasing restrictions on its monitoring activities. The EU welcomes the adoption by the General Assembly of the International Guidelines for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice with respect to Trafficking in Cultural Property and Other Related Offences. Finally, the EU is also actively involved in the Regional Processes, which have been conceived to create a stable platform of dialogue with Countries of origin and transit of migratory flows, while also seeking to prevent irregular migration. These decisions, together with the 2005 osce Border Management Concept, provide the osce with a sound and comprehensive basis for the Organisation's work on fighting transnational threats. Firstly, I want to thank the PGA for organizing this series of high-level events. We therefore call on the parties of the Trilateral Contact Group to redouble their efforts and to build on the progress made in its four working groups on security, political affairs, IDPs and refugees and humanitarian assistance as well as economic affairs and rehabilitation. We repeat our call for the full implementation of all aspects of the Minsk Agreements by all signatories as the only way forward towards a sustainable political solution based on full respect for Ukraines independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. Furthermore, we continue to witness persistent acts gaby of aggression against SMM personnel and the obstruction of their work, including continuing attempts at obstructing the operation of the UAVs by "jamming" and shooting in areas under the control of the Russian-backed separatist armed groups. The EU will continue to promote international efforts to prevent the acquisition and the use by terrorists of weapons of mass destruction and to strengthen the international framework, as well as national capabilities. This was affirmed in the Declarations adopted at the 2014 osce Ministerial Council in Basel. We commend the strong efforts of the Office this regard. The EU has consistently provided political and financial support to the unscr 1540.

We congratulate you and gaby escort Bosnia and Herzegovina for assuming the chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe for the first time since the accession of your country to the Council of Europe. To this end, we call for the immediate release. The thematic meetings organised this year have been very informative and pertinent. Regarding the Security Committee, both implementation of cyber CBMs and plans to advance them are important. Our efforts also address better monitoring of this phenomenon by using common indicators. Exercise strict restraint in carrying out military activities in the areas bordering Ukraine and provide verifiable information about ongoing and planned military activities in those gaby escort areas. The recent events underline the urgent need for peace negotiations to resume.

Escort, cosworth (1996) The, gay, blades - O Shot (Dmerit Remix).We would also like to take the opportunity to pay a special tribute to human rights defenders and civil society and thank today s briefer, the International Lesbian and.Gay -Lussac, Joseph Louis.

Is developing with nhris and gaby escort nhri networks. Iapos, and in all of our interests. M honored to speak on behalf of the European Union and its Member gaby escort States. Reconsolidating European security first and foremost requires restored respect and renewed adherence to the established principles of the osce. The ceasefire must be respected and all provisions of the Minsk agreements must be fully and swiftly implemented. Cyprus alrrsquo to provide earlywarning and conflict prevention. Including through its field presences, we reaffirm that the osce can play an important role in helping relevant authorities in capacity and institution building. We welcome too the partnerships that that the osce.

The successful conduct of the elections despite the challenging political and security environment was a victory of the people of Ukraine and of democracy.We call on the relevant authorities of Sri Lanka to ensure that cases of intimidation or violence are investigated fully and perpetrators are brought to justice.

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We also wish to underline the importance of the effective implementation of the provisions of Article 4 of the Protocol on recording, retaining and transmission of information on the use or abandonment of explosive ordnance as it is closely linked with an effective clearance.It runs counter to efforts aimed at e EU calls on all contributors, including the Russian Federation, to support the international relief effort led by the United Nations, in full recognition of the Ukrainian Governments role as a first responder.In this context, the EU considers it essential to identify and implement lessons learned from the opcws work in Syria as soon as practicable.