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By jamiestevens on Jul 22, 2018

Search widget, the purpose of Auxiliary Navigation in the sidebar is to help your readers discover more content and encourage them to stick around for a while. How

to Choose the Best Layout for your Blog Sidebar. It's also a good place to sell ad space if you're trying to make money from your blog because space above the fold is more coveted than space below the fold simply because more people will see. Ive combined icons for the parent categories plus a simply styled secondary section with other popular categories. So, here are my 5 Must Haves for your blog sidebar:. This post is #3 in my series of 4 posts on the best practices for designing your blog sidebar:. Is it relevant to the pages content? White Space My final Must Have isnt a widget. ONE size does NOT FIT ALL. Do use multiple templates on your website to enable different sidebars? Add a contrasting background to the widget and a button color that contrasts with the rest of your site. For social icons, use icons that are colorful and really stand out. Avoid irregular spaces as this can look sloppy instead. Does it enhance user experience by helping them to find what they are looking for? A food blogger with amazing images, this style works really well with her great Featured Images. It also affects the way they move through your website, what they click on, and how long they stay. Stay tuned for the final post in my series on sidebars, 10 Rockin Blog Sidebar Examples. Multiple sidebars allow you to display only the basic information the user needs. It causes dilution of the signal. Your sidebar is there to serve your customers needs not your own desires to utilize all the neat gizmo gadgets and widgets that come with WordPress. Heres the problem I see over and over with websites that use a single sidebar web design: The website owners is usually trying to stuff it full of everything they think is cool or might work and as a result, theyre confusing things for everyone. Your sidebar is also the perfect place to invite people to connect with you across the social Web. RSS feed via email or their preferred feed reader. List of recent posts, list of recent comments, a testimonial.

Not hurt, sign up for your newsletter, im going to use my category menu as an example. I believe in reserving your main menu for a few very important links. How to Pick the Best Sidebar Widgets for Your Blog. The Right Way to Organize Blog Menus. People who are familiar with reading blogs will look for links to your older content by category and putting on cream sun colorear date in your sidebar. Sample Side Bar Contents, visitors will either ignore it or be so annoyed by it that they wonapos.

You can always test new elements. Your approach may putas maduras ciudad real vary, s screen without scrolling, experiment with placement and formatting. Now depending on what your business.

Unlike post content or page content, your sidebar content is repeatedly displayed to your visitors.In other words, your blog's sidebar is a great way to promote your content in a variety of ways and boost your online audience.Depending on the blogging application and theme or template you use for your blog layout, you can customize your blog sidebars to display the same information on every page and post or different information based on different page and post layouts.

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The blog of Sara Donaldson at Harper and Harley has a dramatic, black and white design.But if you want to reserve your main navigation for a few important pages and highlight a larger (although not too large!) number of categories, a well-done sidebar widget is the way.Increase your Page Views per Session.Category menus, when done well, can really add to the design of your site.